Basic Brush Lettering Supplies.


Favorite Brush Lettering Supplies
Favorite Brush Lettering Supplies


Brush lettering is so much fun and we are launching our Brush Lettering Workbook in our shop today! It’s downloadable so you can print over and over again for practice. In addition to the lettering guide, here are my favorite basic brush lettering supplies (all found on Amazon for easy purchasing)!

1. Winsor and Newton Round Brushes – There are many sizes to choose from. When I’m doing an address on an envelope I like the 00 and for short quotes, I like size 3. I also have 0, 1 & 2.

2. Sumi Ink – This is the only ink I use for both traditional calligraphy and brush lettering. It goes a long way!

3. Bristol Smooth Surface Paper – with black ink, I like to use Bristol paper for final pieces. It is super smooth and sturdy

4. Marker paper – This is the best for practice. It is thin enough that you can actually see through the paper to the Lettering Workbook.

5. Tombow Dual Brush Pen – these are great when I don’t want to deal with paint. There are so many color options. I tend to just use black, but their pigment colors are fantastic!

6. Copic Sketch Marker – I love the way this creates the brushed look. I use the pointed side, not the squared off side.

7. Copic Ciao Marker – This is similar to the sketch marker, but at the same time distinctly different. I’m not sure which is my favorite, however in my classes I think this is the one people prefer.

8. Watercolors – There are so many options for watercolors. I have a watercolor set  and also use Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolors.

9. Water Brushes – These brushes are great. You put the water into the  handle for easy use with watercolors!

10. Watercolor Paper – This is about in the middle of paper types. I do not suggest getting cheap watercolor paper and for lettering you don’t really need something as fancy as Arches.

Have so much fun exploring all of the variations you can make with brush lettering!

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