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What an absolute honor to be featured on BRIDES as one of the best wedding stationers in Los Angeles!

Tucson Arizona Wedding Cactiphoto credit: Jenn Wagner Photography

It is one of my favorite parts of my job. I spend a good amount of time in the beginning getting to know the couple when they first come to me. I love to see pictures of them, hear their love story, etc. And then we go into discussing what they envision for their day. Even though I’m only doing the paper goods, it is so important to have the invitations be a foretelling of what guests will experience on the wedding day.

hs_gettingready053photo credit: Mary Dougherty

We go over inspiration, talk about colors and the feeling they want to invoke. And then I get to the drawing board. I draw up a sketch incorporating everything and then set to the first draft.


It is such a fun process including choosing paper and envelopes and the overall package that a guest will receive. Probably my favorite part is the prayer that goes into my designs. I spend a lot of time caring about every tiny detail so I make it a prayer for the couple. I pray for their marriage, for their family and friends who will gather on that day and for the family that this marriage will create. It is truly a joy!

If you’re interested in bespoke wedding stationary, email us at hello (at) beaheart (dot) com or fill out this form on the custom design page! We cannot wait to work with you!

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