(all photo credit goes to my dear friend Ryan Strongin)

The other month, I had the honor to participate in CAArt-Works way over in Century City, which is hosted by the Creative Artist Agency. They bring in high school students and various presenters to talk about what they do not only in the arts world, but also in math, engineering and sciences.

I presented after Jesse from Mack Sennett Studios. Whoa.

Instead of just presenting what I do on a daily basis, I decided that I would walk them through my journey in and out of college. All too often we see the end result and we think it just happens, but everyone has a story, a journey, road blocks, sharp turns, etc.


I hate to admit that I suffer from imposter syndrome on a occasion–have I proven myself to call myself a calligrapher? A designer? It was such a rich experience for me to gather my portfolio and show it to a room of 80 high schoolers (aren’t they the harshest critics)! (My mom is probably cringing at how wrinkled my shirt is–don’t worry, mom, I am, too.)


The pivotal point in my journey was when I backpacked alone through Europe for six weeks at the age of 21. The beauty that I encountered re-opened my heart that was closed in darkness. I see how each step has led me here.


We talked a lot about how social media works in marketing and that amazing things that are happening for small business owners like myself.



After I spoke, the students got to try their hand at hand lettering. I gave a mini tutorial and then let them have freedom. The boys picked a lot of blood and gore quotes. Probably some rap songs that I’m not hip on. Everyone was so proud to show me their work.


We had a little give away for someone to win the piece that I made for the tutorial. SO CUTE.



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