Christmas Cards.

There are so many amazing options for custom Christmas cards around the internet, but something I find over and over again is that there aren’t enough Christian Christmas messages on these cards (that ol’ cliche saying to keep Christ in Christmas). 

I get a lot of inquiries for these so this year we are so excited to offer 18 different hand lettered Christmas messages. These can be uploaded to a site like Vistaprint (which is my prefered vendor – spend the extra money to upgrade the paper). 

Get your family photos taken (I dream of family photos by Elissa Voss, Meredith Amadee or Sarah Ellefson). Then upload them to the site. Next uploaded one of the files of your prefered message and it will place over your photo! 

It’s super simple and you’ll get something so beautiful and custom. 

You can also use the files to create a Christmas card design without a photo – they come in traced vectors in illustrator

You can purchase and download the 18 messages here! And once you get your cards, be sure to tag us on instagram @beaheartdesign and tag #beaheartchristmas

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would love to see some be a heart style illustrated cards for sale!


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