Dream Studio.

Leap and the Net will Appear
I got back from Phoenix late on Sunday. Had two very successful workshops and got to witness the beautiful wedding of my clients in Tucson. It was a very hectic week so yesterday I spent Labor Day at the beach with my best gal pals.

I have a back up of client work that needs to be finished, but have one more day away from my work grind because today I move into my new studio space!!!!

I’m having a lot of emotions–mostly revolving around the fact that just four months ago we were walking through the open studios downtown and I was saying how there was no way that I could ever afford a studio. My mind can be so small.

It is at an amazing industrial art warehouse called Keystone Art Space fairly close to the house – 8 minutes by car and 25 minutes by bike. There is a workshop that I will be able to rent out to have classes, a gallery space and so many amazing artists.

I’m most excited about getting to share with space with other people. The hardest transition for me has been that I work alone all day every day. My studio area at home has been fine in terms of space, but I missed being around people. (And need to preserve my relationship with my brother who hates that I won’t quit talking to him when he gets home from work.)

I will be sharing my immediate space with Meegan, a ceramic artist and illustrator. And I just cannot wait to see how my business grows by taking this leap of faith.

Leap and the net will appear. – The Artist’s Way

So first things first–studio inspiration of my “dream studio” that I have been collecting for a few years. As I opened up my pinterest board today, I noticed how they were all pretty similar.


I love the pops of neon against the white. Image via SF Girl by Bay of a store called All That is Found.


Who doesn’t love the clean lines of finnish design? Image Via Avotaaka


I love this for its organized chao and pops of color against white. Image via Architecture Art Designs.


But also love the calm of this space found on Gardenista.


Love the plants in Amber Thrane‘s creative space via Glitter Guide.


Couldn’t help, but add this little DIY paint brush holder. Would so love to have my jars off my desk area. Image via Natal Me.


I clearly love color against white. This studio space featured on Design*Sponge of Rachel Castle.


Rebecca Atwood Designs‘s inspiration board via Apartment 34.


I love cacti and plants and leather and walnut. Image via Just in Time.


Rachael Craven‘s workspace. I love the airy-ness and soft colors.


I think I’ll need to find this chair. Image via Decor Dots.

Better get to packing up boxes of paper and paint!



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