Revolution of Love.

I was so honored when I received an email from Bobbi of Revolution of Love asking if she could interview me for her Saturday Spotlight: Celebrating those who bring beauty into the world.

I am a woman of many words so my answers are pretty lengthy. She asked me things like when did I know that I wanted to be an artist, where did the name Be A Heart come from, how my faith affects my artistry, and about my fight against anxiety with gratitude. She really got to the heart of my work and I am so grateful to have had a place to reflect on it all. You should really check it out here.

Be A Heart StudioToday marks the one year of moving into our house in Los Angeles. The one year of this new life that we have created (my brother and me). I moved into a lovely new studio in an artist warehouse with 30 other artist studios last week. I’m sitting here watching my studio mate work – molding sculptures of the beauty of the woman’s body – an artistic medium so different than what I am doing. I am opening myself up to the path that lay before me, of winding roads I do not yet see.

If you don’t quite get what we do over here at Be A Heart, here’s a list of what we have been working on:

– wedding and event paper goods and signs
– logo design and branding
– book cover design
– web design
– tshirt design
– custom prints
– lettering workshops


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