Journey with pregnant Mary this Advent

This Advent, I am pregnant, like Mary. I am a few weeks behind her, but close enough to find solidarity in the physical experience. This year as I see images of her propped on a donkey, I wonder if she has heartburn or round ligament pain. This year I wonder at her and Joseph’s excitement to see the face of their Son. I wonder if Jesus pokes back when they give Him a nudge. I wonder if He moves when Joseph talks, like when my husband talks to my own child.

In all my pondering, I got to thinking about preparation. Yes, Mary will soon hold her baby in her arms and gaze upon His face. But even now, in this moment, she carries Him with her. He dwells in her. He walks with her.

Photograph by Madi Myers-Cook

How often do we only look towards Christmas with the idea that it is then that we will hold Christ, meet Christ. We neglect to see that we already carry Him intimately with us. He is not only there, but also here.

I created a free bundle download of short reflections and tools to help us connect more fully with the Christ that dwells in us all through Advent rather than waiting until the manger at the Christmas vigil to try to find Him. Guiding us will be a pregnant Mary!

Jesus dwells in our hearts just as he did in mary's womb

Throughout Advent, I will be sharing these reflections on the blog and social media and be emailing those who sign up with extras!

In the bundle you'll receive

- A master to do list
- Daily to do lists
- A budgeting tool
- A Christmas gift list
- Christmas gift tags
- Advent candle stickers
- 4 Weekly Advent Prayers
- An easy meditation to do each day
- A grocery list

- Place cards

journey with mary through advent

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So many goodies! I am 7 months pregnant now, I signed up for the Journey with Pregnant Mary bundle but haven’t seen it in my email! Hope it comes soon it looks wonderful.

Christin Grace

love it


Advent calendar and reflections



Ira Samantha Aglibut

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