Throw a Baby Shower for Mary

Our updated 2021 resources for throwing a baby shower for Mary can be found here.

Mary's Baby Shower

Back in November 2019 as I was in my barre class, my baby belly getting heavier and making it more difficult for me to do things, an idea popped into my head. A baby shower for Mary! My own baby was having two baby showers. and I'm just a few weeks behind where Mary would have been if she was giving birth on December 25th. 

Baby things are expensive. The one time costs of strollers and breast pumps and cribs and the ongoing costs of diapers and wipers and formula. So what if women gathered all over the world (one can hope, right?!) and threw a baby shower for Mary - all the gifts being donated to women in our communities who are in need. Gifts for baby Jesus would indeed be gifts for His loved ones. 

I hear from so many of you wanting to host women's gatherings at your own home, but don't know exactly how to go about that or what to do once they are there. So the baby shower would also be a time for fellowship and prayer. A place to meet new people or maybe gather old friends. 

The holidays are a really hectic time and I don't want this to be just another added stressor. So I attempted to think of everything you could need for this party. In the free guide you will receive an editable invitation, a banner, food ideas, an activity idea, a timeline for the day, a reflection on Pope Francis to read together, and a guided meditation.

You can gather your own friends or if you want to reach out to people you don't know and don't know how to get the word out. 

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This is brilliant, I love it!!! I think it’d be a great thing to do with our Pro-Life ministry at our parish, a small group, and friends! Excited to do this and make it an annual Advent tradition. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this Erica!

Luisa Price



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