Letting go and Letting God – my journey as a single woman shared on Verily

Last month I realized that my five year old self was still inside of me throwing tantrums about being single at age 27. 5 year old Erica only dreamed of a  handsome husband and a crew of children. She expected to be married by now and is not pleased that it’s not all going according to plan. I had this huge epiphany about how that little girl’s dream had not allowed me to find happiness in my current life – nothing was successful because I am unable to have a healthy, long lasting relationship with a man.

I got to have some sweet conversations with that little girl (am I the only one who does weird things like that??) and tell her that it’s actually totally fine to still be single and that I’ve discovered in the 20 years since the age of five that life has so many beautiful experiences beyond relationships with men. We came to an agreement that we would approach love differently, we would loosen the reins on trying to find it.


This in turn led me to contemplating the acting of letting go and in turn, letting God. No more tantrums about dates not going well, no more tantrums that life is not giving me what I want. Today, I got to write about it for Verily –  7 PRINCIPLES THAT HELPED ME GET OVER THINKING OF SINGLEHOOD AS FAILURE.

And as an added bonus, I present you with the powerpoint that I made at age 11 about my future life to show you really how much I love/loved to plan. (This was not an assignment for school – just done in my own personal time) Not one thing actually happened in that powerpoint – I went to a different school, have lived in many states, but never Colorado, studied a different major, haven’t found that man to wear that tux and do not have any children. And that wedding I planned was atrocious. And the stock photos of babies…. oh my.

Grab the Let Go, Let God print in my shop as a digital download! I would love to hear your stories of enjoying single life, finding your partner, accepting life on life’s terms and more!


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