One of my favorite things to do is borrow jewelry from my best friend. She has this beautiful collection of statement necklaces and while I have a few of my own, I’ve already over worn them since they do just as their name says and make a statement. So when Rocksbox approached me about their brilliant idea of borrowing designer jewelry for $19 a month, I was sold.

I received my first set over the weekend and it was like receiving a present! Everything was wrapped so delicately and even exclaimed my name “ERICA!,” which made it feel so personal. After signing up, I took a quiz to tell them about my style preferences and they sent me three pieces from the Gorjana Laws of Layering collection.

I wore it out to a party this weekend and paired it with my Everlane tee and jeans today at work. And once I am tired of it, I’ll send it back with a prepaid shipping label and await my next collection!!

And if there is ever a piece that I don’t want to part with, I just keep it and they will charge my account for it! You can sign up, too, and get your first month free when you use the code BEAHEARTDESIGNXOXO

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