Last month I was in Phoenix after a family vacation to Mexico. Meredith Amadee and I were teaming together for a project for Leah Darrow (which will be released next week).  These days, I don’t really go anywhere without my overalls so I asked her if we could get a couple of shots of them (who doesn’t want photos of their favorite clothing?).
I wear them so much lately that people are generally surprised when I’m wearing anything else. I am SO glad overalls are back in and not quite sure why they ever went out. Remember the strap over the shoulder look? I remember that made me feel so cool.

While I mostly don’t sport the one strap look, here is how I love to wear my favorite piece of clothing. overalls2 (Meredith Amadee)

I saw the overalls at Target one night while I was there buying coffee. I hadn’t bought new clothing in a while, but couldn’t resist. You can get them here. And if you want to spend $100 more, you can get them at Madewell.

overalls1(Meredith Amadee)

This top is a few years old from Gap. But since we’re fully in summer now, I would suggest something like this short sleeved top from jcrew. I love to put a pattern of any kind under the overalls.

overalls3(Meredith Amadee)

I splurged on this statement necklace from JCrew Factory last month and wish I could wear it every day (but I don’t think that’s how statement necklaces work). I love the way the colors pop and take anything ordinary to something special.

overalls4(Meredith Amadee)

My all time favorite lipstick added another fun splash of color. Since the age of 5, my mom has repped this company. I was never a lipstick girl, until she gave me a few. It feels so wonderful on my lips and stays put. You can grab this color and a plethora of other colors here or email my mom at jennie . tighe (at) gmail . com. For the other photo shoot, I had chosen to keep a really natural look with my make up (other than the lipstick). Here I am just wearing a light layer of Beauticontrol’s foundation and mascara.

overalls-8(Meredith Amadee)

Lastly, the shoes. I can’t lie and say that I don’t wear them with everything. Sometimes I’ve been known to wear them with skirts and look like a grandmother (not the best look and I apologize to my friends who had to be seen with me those days). They are the best shoes I’ve ever found. Supergas. There are so many colors (I’ve owned off white linen as well). Navy is my favorite color and they match just about every thing I own (due to my monochromatic closet). They are going on their second year and are still in great shape.

overalls-9(Meredith Amadee)

I looked at Meredith and said, you know, your watermelon shirt would look SO good with these overalls (remember any patterned shirt is perfect with them). I convinced her to change clothes behind a bush so I could capture her as well. She was such a good sport – she is just so gorgeous that she basically makes anything look cool. overalls6

You can get this awesome shirt from Anthropologie.


And I just had to include these outtakes. See how great overalls are? You can do some stretching in them and if you’re really lazy after going to the bathroom, you don’t even have to pull up the straps. I have yet to go in public like this, but seeing how great it looks, I might have to try.


You’ll be seeing more from the two of us — in the way of some cool projects we are collaborating on.

Thanks to Meredith, who just captures everything so beautifully. If you are in Phoenix or Los Angeles, you HAVE to have her photograph you. She does lifestyle shots, family portraits, grad photos, weddings, etc etc. I just adore her. She’s incredible to work with and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Contact her at meredithamadee (at) live . com

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