Father Richard Rohr.

This quote is from the June 28th, 2015 reflection entitled, A Different Consciousness, written by Richard Rohr and sent out by the Center for Action and Contemplation. Hand lettered by Erica.

I currently cannot get enough of Richard Rohr.

I discovered him over a year ago when my parish in Brooklyn (if you live there, you have to check out the Oratory of Saint Boniface. it’s the bomb) held a 12-step book study. It was open to anyone and everyone who was interested or involved in any sort of 12-step. We spent a few months gathering and discussing RR’s book entitled, “Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps.” He relates the 12 steps to the gospel and basically says that everyone has addictions–addictions to work, exercise, substances, etc etc etc. I read the book in its entirety from the moment I cracked it open. It captivated me. I loved his soothing, yet firm voice.

Then, I signed up for his daily emails (you can sign up for them, here). He writes the first words that I read every morning and I have come to rely on his insights on faith and life.

I am working through reading all of his books (or listening to him read them to me via audiobooks). Check them out here. I also just figured out that they post his homilies online.


He is a Franciscan priest bearing witness to the Perennial Tradition. I love what his website says about his work:

Drawing upon Christianity’s place within the Perennial Tradition, the mission of the Living School is to produce compassionate and powerfully learned individuals who will work for positive change in the world based on awareness of our common union with God and all beings.

Here is a man not only living to “be a heart,” but also a man who is guiding me daily to be this as well. He talks so much about bringing our level of consciousness higher. (I’m currently listening to a homily and he just said “how come you can’t trust? just as fear feeds on itself, so trust feeds on itself. You have to practice.” Seriously! So good!)

I found out a month ago that my Godmother personally knows Richard Rohr from his work back in the day in Cincinnati. I love the way I found my way to him individually only to find out that 5 of my family members follow him as well.

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