Time Management.




“I am running so late.”

I say that at least once a day, but generally closer to three times a day.

Alex tells me I have poor time management skills. I disagreed with him until I honestly looked at how many times I am late to appointments, meetings with friends and yoga class.

For too long now, I have blamed it on my unorganized brain that loses track of time because I’m so enthralled in what I’m doing. But now that I’m working freelance at home all day, I’m realizing how much time I am wasting. Without setting limits and get sucked into my projects and forget to look up for hours.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I had this thought, “ya know, Erica. You can change. I’m sure there are apps for that.”

I woke up today and scoured through pinterest articles on “tips for time management.” I would love to know what habits you have acquired over time.

Here is what I am going to do.

1) Use the app Toggl to track the time I’m spending on each project. I’m scared to do this because I’m going to see that I’m making $3 an hour for some client projects, but I suppose it’s better now to see that than later.

2) Set time limits. I found this app, 30/30 At the beginning of a task, I will assess how long it should take me, set a timer, and then see where I’m at when the timer is done. If something is not working, I will put it aside and return to it at a later time with fresh eyes.

3) If I am home in the evenings and do not have a super harsh deadline to meet, I am going to focus on learningrather than doing. This will give me more parameters for my work day.

4) Set a timer 30 minutes before I need to leave to go somewhere and then another 15 and another 5 minutes. I am like a child who needs to be warned that one activity will be ending soon. All too often, I glance at my clock and realize I’m going to be late. And then, I still want to finish the thing that I am doing so I become even later.

I never want to show up early because it seemed like a waste of time. But I’m wondering if that is time I can use for social media. Trying to keep up on four instagram accounts is so time consuming. Kill two birds with one stone.

Okay. I’m looking at this list I just made with wide eyes. It seems like a lot. But I’m going to try it for at least 27 days (or however that day count goes for making habits). Please please please share your tips and tricks!!


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