The Best Mother's Day Gifts for the Catholic Mother

I rounded up some of my favorite things for Mother’s Day gifts - some items are Catholic and some are not because we're all multifaceted - for all the mamas in your life. If you’re a mom, send this on to whomever will be buying you a gift to give them some hints! 

Catholic Mother's Day Gifts

1. For the new mom

My friend, Shannon K. Evans, wrote Rewilding Motherhood and it has had such a beautiful impact on my own motherhood experience. Her guidance, five children in, is full of bite sized thoughts to ponder. 

2. For the coffee loving mama

I got this for Moccamaster for Mother's Day two years ago. I still use it every day (ie: my husband uses it every day to make my coffee). It is unmatched in it's quality, design aesthetic, and coffee taste!

3. For the prayer journaling mom

Our Surrender Journal set is perfect for someone who loves to journal or prayer journal or write to do lists down. The pack comes with two journals. One says the Surrender Prayer: "O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything" and the other says "Jesus, I trust in You."

4. For the wellness mama

Okay, I got a red light for red light therapy after my friend recommended it for my sprained ankle. I am now totally obsessed with it for many ailments. My husband and I both use it on our faces to reduce aging marks and for me: reduce red splotches I got during my current pregnancy. My link will give you $260 off the Lumebox, which is a very high quality red light. 

5. For the crafty mom

I wrote the book, Living the Seasons, to be a beautiful coffee table book full of ideas of how to live liturgically throughout the year. It has tons of craft project ideas, home decorating ideas, and more - all based around feast days and Church seasons. It makes such a good gift for every Catholic woman. 

6. For the social justice mama

The tshirt by Alliance for Moms says "Love like a Mother." Proceeds from this tee support essential services, education, and advocacy so that young parents in foster care and their children can heal and thrive. By purchasing it for a mother, you will also be supporting other mothers and children!

7. For the on the go mama

Our Marian Belt Bag (fanny pack for old school women like me) is still one of our best sellers and many favorites. You can fit a wallet, keys, phone, a diaper, and wipes - perfect for moms on the go. I like to also wear my blue baseball cap

8. For the fashionable mom

These Sezane sunglasses are my favorite and I wear them every day. 

9. For the home decorating mama

I loved the idea of having holy water out in my home to use, but never loved the plastic holy water bottles. SO I made one out of ceramic that is beautiful to leave out as decor. Our Ceramic Holy Water Bottle is a customer favorite. 

10. For the tired mama

As moms, almost all of us are tired. A night away at a local hotel is such a gift. I love to shop for hotels at Hotel Tonight. Use the promo code ERTIGHE and get 20% off your first stay (up to $50!). Pick one with a nice hotel (and maybe even a spa!) so that she can have a little time to herself to recharge.

11. For the Mary loving mom

I had this idea to make a leather wristlet that could carry my rosary along with my keys. It turned out so beautifully that I also use it as my wallet. It's made of genuine leather and has the Marian Cross in a gold emboss along with the words "totally yours."


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