Mental Health Q & A With Jasmine Joubert and Chenele Shaw

Today marks day 2 of our Mental Health Takeover Week! We welcome these enthusiastic & faithful co-hosts of the new podcast, “Anti-Depressing” - where they talk about everything from liturgy to lexapro - took over our IG stories to share about their mental health journeys and host a Q&A session! We're recapping their takeover below - scroll down to learn more about our special guests and see all the advice they have to offer!

Meet Jasmyn and Chenele

Jasmyn Joubert is a wife, mama of two and certified school counselor. She runs a non-profit, Alive in You Outreach, and spends her summers running mission trips for Alive in You Camps. She is passionate about iced coffee and having dialogue around faith and mental health. She is thrilled to be co-hosting Anti-Depressing!

Chenele Shaw is a former youth minister and current young adult trying to live her life for Christ, frequent her therapist, and eat all the cheese! Chenele is the cohost of two awesome podcasts, Ave Spotlight and Anti-Depressing. She is also the Co-Director of the Before Gethsemane Initiative. She desires to be her authentic self and help others as well. You can find her watching reality tv, going to confession, and updating her Spotify playlists. Follow her on Instagram @chenele_k and say hey!
The ladies kicked-off the takeover by sharing their unique mental health journeys, and then asked our community to submit questions for them to answer! Below is a recap of some of the questions and responses from the ladies.


Q&A Session 

What is the Anit-Depressing Podcast?
Jasmine and Chenele launched this podcast a few weeks ago. The goal of the show is to talk about topics ranging from liturgy to lexapro and everything in between. Their mission is to discuss these topics, while looking at them through our faith. The ultimate goal is to feel like you (the listener) are sitting at home, chatting with your girl friends. 

Life advice for single Catholics in their early 20s?
Spend time figuring out who you are - Go on trips, make friends, eat good food, o to therapy, mend relationships, find your spiritual state, etc. Live your life! - Chenele

How do you find a good therapist? 
If you are looking for a Catholic therapist, browse through this website. You can also go to this website for additional options. Search for someone new you/with similar values. My biggest advice - do not give up! If you don't match with the first therapist you meet with, ask for recommendations. Find someone with similar values as you! - Jasmine

Do you have recommendations of health insurance that covers mental health care/therapy?
Whether you are searching for therapists on Pyschology Today or Catholic Therapist, look to see what insurance they take! On top of that, call your insurance provider to figure out if therapists are covered under your plan, how much ($) is covered, how many sessions you are allotted, etc. Some therapists are only private pay - so keep an eye out for that. - Jasmine

What is your advice for stigma around mental health medication and the church?
You do not have to do it alone and/or by yourself. There are a lot of ways that medication can help you - it can help you see more clearly, alter your perspective. I believe that to have a true, full life, the aid of medication can help. It helps us get out of our heads and get closer to Christ. God desires for you to live a life of fullness and oftentimes anxiety, depression, etc... can get in the way of that. Medication can help and give you the perspective to see that you don't have to do this alone. Here is a great article for more advice. - Chenele

What are your thoughts on natural remedies for mental health issues?
Your mental health journey is unique. Pray for guidance on what you need. For some of us, medication helps and necessary route. For others, therapy is another healing mechanism. Some others use other ways, like exercise, to promote wellbeing. My favorite way to through grounding exercises. - Jasmine

I want in person therapy but literally can't find any appointment openings in my area - what should I do? 
This is a big struggle right now for many. Here's some thoughts: 
  • Hop on a waitlist (or a few) for in person therapists you would like to see
  • If the need is immediate, start seeing a remote therapist in the meantime. You can always switch to in person when there is an opening
  • It may seem like a step back to be on a waitlist, but don't give up! It's better to be on the path to taking care of your mental health, even if that path includes a little waiting. 


Do you have times for setting boundaries for our well-being?

Setting boundaries is hard! But you can do it. It takes practice and patience with yourself. Remember it is a way of protection, not punishment. Below are my top 3 tips for setting boundaries:

  1. Know your boundaries/Say them out loud
  2. Communicate your boundaries
  3. Follow through 


Do you have other go-to's for coping skills?

...And lots of prayer! 


Thank you, Jasmine and Chenele, for sharing your advice, wisdom and encouragement with our community today! We are so grateful for you both, and all of the advice your shared. 

To learn more from Jasmine and Chenele, or to listen to their podcast, click here

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