4 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Feast of Christ the King

The Feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last Sunday of the liturgical year before the Advent season begins. Christ the King is a feast that serves as a reminder that Jesus is the true King of Peace we all long for, who came “to reconcile to himself all things” (Col 1:20), who came “not to be served but to serve” (Mt 20:28). Christ is victorious over our suggestions, war, government and all authorities. We are all living in His kingdom. To help you prepare for the Feast of Christ the King, we are sharing four simple ways to celebrate. 

Cook a feast fit for a King

Fill your belly (and heart) with a delicious dinner made fit for a king. Roast a chick à la king and potatoes. Set the table with your special place settings and utensils. Serve speciality beverages in fancy goblets. Ask your family to put on their 'Sunday best' for dinner. Enjoy the delicious meal with loved ones, and discuss the Feast of Christ the King. 

Photo by Hannah Hoggatt

Make a Viva, Cristo Rey Banner

This fun project is for our arts and crafts lovers!  Viva, Cristo Rey means “Long live Christ the King.” Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro was a martyr of the Cristeros War for the right to proclaim Jesus as the one true God. In making a banner, we too proclaim Jesus Christ as King of our hearts and our world. Follow the steps below to make this at home. 

Supplies needed:  


  1. Use the template to cut out the letters for Viva Cristo Rey using different colors of felt. Glue them onto the banner with felt glue.
  2. With pen and scrap paper, write at least three worries you have about your life or things you hope to happen in the coming year; write each on a separate scrap of paper.
  3. Tape them to the back of the banner, and be reminded that Jesus is King and you can trust in him.
  4. Display in a special spot in your home! 

Serve others

Jesus’s earthly life taught us the way of the Servant King. For him these two identities of servant and king go hand in hand. As we build up his kingdom on earth, we are called to the same servant leadership. Think of someone in your life who is the “lowliest.” Who has the lowest rank in your office? Who in your friend’s circle is often left out or gossiped about? Who in your family is always the scapegoat? Reach out to them today and perform an act of kindness that will build them up.

"It will not be so among you; but whoever wishes to be great amoung you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave; just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many." - Matthew 20: 26-28

Photo by Hannah Hoggatt

Make crowns for a King

Make crowns with your littles! Offer your child a pre-cut crown from gold poster board paper. Let your child get creative with the design by adding sparkles, stickers, etc. After decorating, staple the ends of the crown together.

Supplies needed:

  • Gold poster board paper (pre-cut into crown)
  • Craft glue 
  • Plastic gems, beads, sparkles, stickers, or anything else for decorating
  • Glitter
  • Stapler 

How are you planning to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King? Let us know in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram @beaheartdesign to be featured on our page! 

Photo by Hannah Hoggatt

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