Mary on the Mantel

A Meaningful Advent Tradition: As Mary prepares for the birth of Jesus, she helps children prepare their hearts with daily acts of kindness.

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How Mary on the Mantel Works

Each day of Advent, Mary is found doing a task to get ready for the baby - washing baby clothes, preparing the nursery, baking, reading, sleeping. In her bag, she has an Act of Kindness card for the children to receive and do that day. With lots of options, and even some blank cards, parents can make the activities age appropriate.

Mary teaches us that we prepare for baby Jesus by loving - loving our neighbor, loving God, loving the stranger, and even ourselves. She is not like a certain elf who only reports on good and bad behavior and instead promotes doing kind things as a prize in themselves.

On Christmas morning, Mary exchanges her pregnant belly for an infant Jesus in a ring sling.

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Pray with Hallow x Mary on the Mantel

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