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Baptism Luncheon Plates

Baptism Luncheon Plates

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Throw the most beautiful baptism party ever. These baptism luncheon plates are octagon shaped (like many baptismal fonts) to represent the eighth day, which is the first day of the new creation. At baptism we are made a new creation.

The IHS inscription on the font is an ancient Christian symbol for Jesus. Above the font is a cross and the Holy Spirit dove descending onto the scalloped shell with water. The scalloped shell is the symbol for the pilgrim and the new Christian is embarking on the pilgrimage of faith. The baptismal candle is inscribed with the Chi-Rho symbol, another ancient symbol for Christ. On the other side of the baptismal font is the table with anointing oils.

These are luncheon sized plates and come in a pack of 8.

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