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Jesus of Nazareth Doll

Jesus of Nazareth Doll

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Teach your little ones about the deep love Jesus has for each of us with the Jesus of Nazareth Doll.

Jesus is always with us, and now bring him home as a constant companion for your children.

Jesus is wearing a simple, one-piece natural beige tunic typical of men’s clothing of the time along with a red sash.

The sash represents that he was a teacher - bringing God’s truth to the world. We often hear him referred to in scripture as “rabbi” meaning “teacher” in Hebrew.

The color red symbolizes the blood of Christ - the love and passion of his sacrifice. For every one of us, great or small.

Jesus has an olive-brown complexion with brown eyes and dark brown hair, which is likely how he would have looked as a Galilean Jew in first century Judaea (present day Israel in the Middle East). He has a short trimmed beard and shoulder-length hair typical to that time period - as well as influenced by centuries of iconographic tradition and the Shroud of Turin.

His one-piece tunic reaches slightly below the knees. According to scripture, he did not wear a long tunic (Mark 12:38), which was considered extravagant. His tunic was not the usual two-piece and instead a much simpler and humbler one-piece (John 19:23-24).

Complete the Holy Family

Product Details:

Jesus of Nazareth is crafted from hand dyed calico cotton with a polyester filling. He has embroidered features, wool yarn hair, and a felt beard.

Each doll is dressed in the same outfit - a removable beige tunic and red sash along with a small tote backpack that has a little note tucked inside.

Suitable for ages 3+

Product dimensions: 11.8 inches tall
Hand wash only.
Due to the hand dyed nature, fabric color may vary by batch and style. 

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