How can you show up for yourself?

This weekend I threw a dinner party to celebrate the launch of Living the Seasons. I hadn’t thrown a dinner party since before I got married 5 years ago. Around the table were women who raised me, women who I grew up with, women who I admire, women who welcomed me. I have found that female friendship is essential in both the demands of daily life and the growth of spiritual life. 

But I find friendship to also be such a risk. For many years as a sensitive little girl, I would get hurt by other girls. I would feel excluded and not good enough. Girls can be mean and friendships can be complicated. And in those times, I wanted to never make a new friend again and be vulnerable in friendships.

Over the years, I began praying for my broken heart to be healed and to not let it be hardened. As a mother with young children, it has been so challenging to be a good friend to my friends. Many of my friendships are sustained over text messages - a lifeline to each other. And this weekend it was so beautiful to gather some of them around a flourishing table and serve them a meal. All in the name of a book called Living the Seasons - reminding me to embrace the season I’m currently in.

We’ve entered the madness of the last months of the year where there are more activities that fit on a calendar. It can be so exhausting and depleting. How can you show up for yourself from now until new years? Where can you carve a quiet few minutes for prayer? Where can you schedule in something that fills up your cup?

God is in the pause. 


A few things for joy this week

The film, FREE, is being shown in the US on November 2nd ONLY. I have heard incredible things about it so check out if it’s in your area.

Pope Francis called for another day of prayer and fasting on October 27 worldwide. 

All Saints' Day is next week (Wednesday, the 1st!). You can download our FREE guide here.

Need saint costume ideas for All Saints Day parties? Here’s some easy things to pull together.

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