Trinity Sunday Reflection

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday. The priest said something that had me thinking all day. He said, “It’s not the feast of the dogma. It’s the feast of the MYSTERY of God.” Three in one. A God who needs the other. Teaching us that we need the other.

So often we are pitted against each other. The news media sensationalizes stories that creates fear and many times hatred of the other. I know I talk about this frequently and I think it’s because over the last four years of owning a Christian business, I have seen the landscape change so much. 

I think the mystery of God in the trinity is the key that unlocks so much goodness in our lives and communities if we are willing. Jesus said “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” And since we are all sinners, Jesus essentially said that there should be no stones thrown. Instead, Jesus invites us to embrace, to welcome, to cherish, to sit with. 

It is in communion with each other that God lives. May the feast of the Trinity inspire us to be with and for one another. 


A few things for joy this week:

In other personal news, we found out a week and a half ago that we are going to have another baby and last week we did the sneak peek 6 week blood test and found out that baby is another girl. Everyone else’s elation for our family has been a joy for us as we are wondering how we will survive my first trimester sickness while we move to Phoenix and then add more madness to it all in the new year. I will tell you, that in this whole process, we have been so cared for and we know that above all, new life is pure joy. 


My friend, Ike, and his band The Village Lights released a new song recently called “Ven Ante Su Trono.


I saw this cute idea on instagram for snacks while traveling with kids. Fill it up with lots of different snack options and little ones can get a surprise in each compartment. We will be doing it on our long car ride to Phoenix!


Today is World Environment Day! Let's take responsibility in caring for this gift from God in creative ways, such as these prayerful Reusable Paper Towels (which replace 17 traditional rolls!) or the purchase of this gorgeous One Planet, One Family art print, which support Catholic Relief Services in their efforts to prepare global communities to face climate change challenges. 


Grab your Corpus Christi Party Goods from Amazon! You can order the Communion Dinner Plates and Cocktail Napkins for your Corpus Christi celebrations with quick shipping from Amazon. Check out our new Amazon storefront, too! 

Have a blessed week! 

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